The Nantucket Film Festival and Screenwriters Colony launched a new writers program in 2016, the Screenwriters Colony: Episodic Comedy.

This collaboration provides four emerging episodic comedy writers with an all-expenses-paid trip to Nantucket for an immersive residency and mentorship program. While on Nantucket, the writers work together with eminent professional industry mentors to experience the writers’ room, hone their craft, and develop their pilots.

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Screenwriters Colony: Episodic Comedy

The Nantucket Film Festival’s Episodic Screenplay (30 Min) Competition winner receives one of the spots in the writers-in-residence program. The Tony Cox Screenplay Competitions are sponsored by Showtime.

Eric Gilliland serves as the Creative Advisor on the curriculum and will run the two-week program in June. Gilliland is a Peabody- and Golden Globe-winning writer/producer whose television credits include Roseanne, The Wonder Years, Who’s The Boss?, and That 70’s Show. Gilliland also produced the documentary God Grew Tired of Us: The Story of The Lost Boys of Sudan, which won both the Grand Jury Prize and the Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival. He currently teaches at Tisch’s Goldberg Department of Dramatic Writing at New York University.

SPECIAL EVENT | TV Pilot Reading 

Date: Thursday, June 20 at the dreamland Film & cultural center
Legacy lounge in the harborview room | Reading at 3 PM
**Free for the community**

Reading produced in collaboration with:




watch out gals!

When a perfectionist producer becomes the first woman to produce her own game show in 1982, she faces the challenging reality behind her dream job.


Katherine Craft

When a party girl in her early 30s is diagnosed with young onset Parkinson’s disease, she moves back in with her family in the Dallas suburbs, where she struggles to maintain her free-spirited ways.


Mike Roma

In West Hollywood, two gay best friends—one hopelessly romantic, the other perpetually horny—use dating apps to find love, sex, and everything in between.



Callum Smith
East Hell

A distasteful horror-comedy series about a teenage goth living in Indiana and a demon she summoned using a ritual she found on reddit.

About Screenwriters Colony

The Nantucket Film Festival is proud of its decade-long partnership with the Screenwriters Colony, an alliance dedicated to developing new writing talent. Each year the winner of NFF’s Showtime Tony Cox Feature Screenplay Competition receives an all-expenses-paid, month-long artist residency with the Screenwriters Colony.

Screenwriters Colony is a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing the number of groundbreaking stories in popular culture. Founded in 2002 by John S. Johnson, the Colony discovers emerging screenwriters with singular voices and provides them with a nurturing framework of time, space, and mentorship to hone their craft, take risks, and create innovative stories that will impact individuals and societies around the world.

Each year the Screenwriters Colony brings four emerging screenwriters together during the month of October to live and work together at picturesque Almanack Farm, perched on the edge of Nantucket’s cranberry bog conservation land. To ensure a comfortable and inspiring work environment, the Screenwriters Colony is an all-expenses-paid residency. Writers are provided with round-trip transportation to the Colony, a chef, shared car, bicycles, and private workspace.

Selected from a pool of industry-nominated candidates, the four writers-in-residence are granted ample time to generate and refine their projects and share work amongst themselves. With the belief that unique visions exist in every genre, and that the most dynamic group is made up of a diversity of voices, the Colony supports writers working in all genres from mainstream to independent to experimental.

Two industry mentors are brought up on three weekends throughout the month to workshop each of the writers’ screenplays. In addition to intensive one-on-one feedback sessions, writers and mentors enjoy an informal and sociable Colony experience over dinners and other island outings. Mentors are drawn from an ever-expanding pool of accomplished screenwriters, directors, producers and executives from throughout the industry.

Former Mentors and Advisors:

  • Campbell Scott, actor/writer/director (Off the Map, Big Night, Rodger Dodger)

  • Oren Moverman, screenwriter (Jesus’ Son, I’m Not There, The Messenger)

  • Bingham Ray, founder October Films and former president of United Artists

  • L.M. Kit Carson, producer/screenwriter (Paris, Texas, Bottle Rocket)

  • Coleman Hough, screenwriter (Full Frontal, Bubble)

  • Lawrence Inglee, creative executive at Marc Gordon Pictures (Saving Private Ryan, The Day After Tomorrow)

  • Whit Stillman, writer/director (Metropolitan, The Last Days of Disco)

  • Patty Jenkins, writer/director (Monster)

  • Dan Harris, writer/director (Imaginary Heroes) and screenwriter (Superman Returns, X­-Men)

  • Peter Sollett and Eva Vives, writer/director and co­writer (Raising Victor Vargas)